Creating the right effect with bedding!

Creating the right effect with bedding!

The bedspread, comforter or quilt will be a major focal point of the bedroom, picking the right one will help create the right dramatic effect with a big splash of color or by having your bedding in gentle, soothing tones.

From a practical point of view, a bedspread will add warmth and hide dreary blankets. It will also hide the bed base and anything stored underneath.

Comforters are extremely popular, probably because they make bed making very easy and comforters can be bought in a wide range of different colors. Avoid purchasing one with a center seam and try to have a full width, equal amount of fabric on both sides. You can use your imagination and create a welcoming bedroom room by choosing a bright cheerful color or go for a calmer shade to encourage relaxation.

Pillow shams are used to lean on when you sit up on a bed. Cushions are generally more decorative, but can also be used for the same purpose. A pile of pillows and cushions makes the bed look cozy and can add a decorative touch, using soft materials and contrasting colors.





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