Setting Up Your Contemporary Living Room!

Setting up your contemporary living room starts with some really big influences over the past few years such as, minimalism, modern art and an open concept style. Here are a few tips & tricks to give your living room that contemporary feel.

  1. Wooden floors or floating wood-like flooring.
  2. Glass shelving, storage cubes, glass bricks or glass mirror on an end table.
  3. Eco- friendly materials. If you want a more natural environment, there are organic and eco-friendly paint in many neutral colors.
  4. Rugs and fabrics can help set the stage for your contemporary living room. Hard wood floors give a fabulous look, but they need to be comfortable too. Rugs have made a big come back in neutral colors. Some of the most popular ones are natural matting and sheepskin.
  5. Blinds and sheers are in and flounces and frills are out! Fitted wooden shades or tab topped drapes from a pole or rod are two great choices.
  6. Low coffee table is a must have. Favorite styles are those that include storage space beneath.
  7. Large plain color sofa. A big plain colored sofas are very much part of the contemporary style living room. The most stylish sofas have a boxy shape, with ultra-generous seating and short legs. Comfort is the essential antidote to all of this fashionable minimalism.
  8. Soft throws- the other concession to comfort comes from being able to drape your furniture and yourself in a beautiful soft throw. Fold the throw over the arm chair or over the back of a sofa and use them on those cooler nights.

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